The uniform for the Chorley and Croston School is as follows :


Pre Primary and Primary

Chorley — RAD regulation leotard,   chiffon wrap over skirt in Marine Blue, Pink Ballet socks, Pink Ballet shoes (Leather)

Croston — as above in pale pink.

Grade 1

Leotards  — As above without the skirt, plus matching elastic belt, Pink Ballet socks, Pink Ballet Shoes (Canvas or Leather), Black canvas Character shoes,  Black Circular Character Skirt (ordered from Michelle Crispin via the school).

Grade 2 and 3

RAD Regulation Leotard in Mulberry with matching elastic belt. Pink Ballet tights, Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet shoes with pink elastic. Black Canvas Character shoes, Black circular character skirt (ordered from Michelle Crispin via the school)

Grade 4 and 5

As Grade 2 and 3 but with Navy Leotard and matching elastic belt (Mulberry can be worn if still fitting correctly)

Intermediate Foundation

RAD regulation Leotard in Royal Blue with matching elastic waist bands, Pink Ballet tights, Pink Canvas or Ballet shoes or soft pointe shoes may be worn. Split sole shoes are permitted.  Point shoes with ribbons that must be fitted professionally. 


As above but soft pointe shoes must be worn as well as pointe shoes with ribbons (No canvas or leather Ballet shoes).

N.B.  Hair must be tidily groomed for all the above classes. Buns with scrunchies to match leotard colour are required for all  examinations from Grade 1 upwards. For Pre-Primary and Primary Please discuss style with the teacher.

Boys — White short sleeved RAD regulation leotards with navy lycra shorts worn over for PP — Gd 2. Navy or Black tights worn over for Gd 3 upwards. White Canvas or Leather Ballet shoes with white elastic to secure.

Modern Gd 1 – 3

Chorley & Croston

1st Position 'Elaine' Camisole catsuit in red and black, foot thong

Grade 4 upwards

Bloch Have Lace Back Black Cap Sleeved Leotard, Foot thongs.


Primary to Grade 3

'Elaine' Camisole Catsuit in red and black.

Grade 4 and above

Bloch Have Lace Back Black Cap Sleeved Leotards.

Primary to Grade 2

Black socks and black canvas tap shoes.

Grades 3 and above

Bloch leather tap shoes, which should come complete with Teletone taps.


Own choice of appropriate dancewear.


Own choice of appropriate dancewear - new leotard coming soon.